Laundry and Ironing Services from Clean and Shine

  • Fed up with doing your laundry week in, week out?
  • Tired of your home constantly draped in drying washing?
  • Dreading the hassle of washing and drying bed linen?

Let the magical laundry elves at Clean and Shine help! We'll collect all your laundry from your home, clean it in our large-scale washing machines for a really good clean, and tumble dry it to fluffy, soft perfection. Unlike other washing services companies and commercial laundries, we don't charge extra for detergents, hangers and protective polythene covers.


Our home laundry service: how it works

  • Place your washing in a closed bag with any special instructions attached
  • Our cleaning team collect bags from your home or where you work
  • We wash and dry (and iron if you wish) all laundry at our own onsite laundry
  • We deliver your clothes back to you within 48 hours
  • You put your clothes or linen away, ready to use!
Collection and delivery is charged at 40p per mile from our laundry facility in Havant.

Call us on 02392 464436 to book your wash today.

Wash, dry and fold laundry service prices

At Clean and Shine we charge per item, not by weight, so feel free to give us as many heavy items as you wish!

Small load - up to 10 items
Basic Wash, Dry & Fold *£11.52

Medium Load - between 11-20 items
Basic Wash, Dry & Fold *£15.60

Large Load - between 21–30 items
Basic Wash, Dry & Fold *£18.96

*Additional charge for stain removal and special treated garments at £2.40 per attempt

Ironing services for clothes

If you want your clothes ironed, we offer a professional ironing service in our clean, smoke-free facility, for a small extra charge when booked together with the Wash, Dry & Fold service.

Shirts/Trousers/Skirts - additional £1.44 per item

For all other smaller items: additional 79p per item

Or, you can book our 'stand alone' ironing service for clothes and bed linen you have already washed. Our drivers will collect your ironing anytime between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday, at a time requested by you. (Rest assured your ironing is fully insured from the moment we take.)

Our professional ironing team will press your clothes to perfection according to your instructions. We then return your ironing folded ready to put away, or on wire coat hangers with plastic covers, non-slip trouser guards and plastic skirt clips, all included in the cost. You simply pay our invoice by cash, cheque or online payment when we return your ironing.

Call Clean and Shine to book your ironing service on 023 92 464436.


Bed linen service

Bed SetWash & FoldIron OnlyWash, Fold & Iron
Single Bed Set £4.20 £5.04 £9.36
Double Bed Set £4.62 £6.84 £11.46
Kingsize Bed Set £5.22 £8.40 £13.62

Bed linen
consists of:
Single bed set: 2 pillows, 1 sheet and 1 duvet cover
Double/King size: 4 pillows, 1 sheet and 1 duvet cover

Shirt and individual items laundry service

At Clean and Shine, we are proud to offer an individual garment service, as well as an efficient shirt laundry and shirt ironing service, perfect for the busy businessman or woman who prefers a four iron to a steam iron at the weekends! Our shirt service includes collection and delivery, so you don't need to collect your shirts in your lunch hour, as required by many high street shirt laundry services.

Individual garments - except shirts and bed linen
Wash, Dry & Fold £0.95 per item
Wash, Dry & Iron £1.50 per item


Individual Shirt Service

£2.50 per shirt - collect, wash, dry, iron, hung

What can I put in my bag of laundry?

All items in your laundry bag are washed and tumble dried together, so please check the suitability of all items included for both washing and drying. We are unable to take responsibility for items that are ‘dry clean only’, ‘hand wash only’, or ‘non tumble dry’. Also, please separate colours into different bags and check pockets for tissues, coins, wallets, mobile phones, etc.


Our clothing laundry service terms

All clothes, bedding, towels, etc, in your wash bag are washed on a 40 degree wash and then tumble dried on a high heat unless you request otherwise. Therefore, it is your responsibility to notify us of any sensitive items in your service wash, i.e. garments with a tendency to run or should not be tumble dried. We do not and cannot check every garment for suitability, and we will not accept liability for damage to garments as a result of unsuitability to the washing/drying cycle.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check pockets and we will not be held responsible for any loss of, or damage caused to garments or personal property. We do not guarantee to remove any or all soiling to clothing. If any garments are badly soiled and require special attention, you must bring this to our attention. Specially treated garments will incur an extra charge.

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Phone 2: 07952 799952
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